Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alex WALKS at 14 MONTHS(MAY)!!!

Here is our cute little guy walking...he may have been slow to start, but now he is running and so...cute at it!!!Our 2 younger kids have been late walkers, I think it is because we weren't in any hurry for them to walk and their siblings always pick them up...oh well...we like to stay little just a little longer...I don't want them to grow them so...little!!!=-)
Our CUTE ALEX BOY walking w/his pacifier in his mouth! LOVE HIM!!=-)


Here are my cute girls in their foam rollers...they beg me almost every night to put foam rollers in their hair...I don't do it every night, but we do it quite a bit!!! They love it as you can tell... The Posing, Silly Cuties...Kate loves to keep that tongue out!

Look at the what foam rollers can do to a little girl's hair, make it pretty curly, can't see Kate's as well, but by looking at Taylor's, you can see it can get pretty curly!!! This often reminds me of when I was a little girl, my mom used to put foam rollers in my hair quite often...I even put foam rollers in my hair the night before I got married because the curl stays so...well!!! I love thinking up fun things to do to their hair...FUN! FUN!=-)

Bosom Buddies....

These 2 love to play together....they are like sisters, if ya know what I mean, they even share eachothers clothes sometimes!!! Here they are trying to swing both of their huge dolls in the same swing, funny girls!
Bosom Buddies sharing lunch together!!! Good friends are fun to have!!!

Diabetes Walk...

This is our 2nd year walking for our niece/cousin...MADISON, who was diagnosed when she was 7 ( I think). We get the whole family, young and old together and go on a 5k walk (3.2 miles). We have a wonderful time walking as we raise money for Diabetes awareness, a great cause!=-) We are in the purple shirts..."MADDIE AND COMPANY"
Look at these kids walking hard!!!=-)

I think Alex was ready to be done...we are on the home stretch!=-)

Garett's 2nd Annual PineWood Derby...HE'S OUR STAR!

Here is our fine Bear Scout displaying his cool car, "LIGHTNING MCQUEEN"Love the Arrow! Garett designed this himself...great job!
Happy Garett...waiting for his car to win the race!!!=-)

Garett won for his age category in our ward...not overall, but he was happy nonetheless (can you tell!!! I'm glad I was able to come and watch him this year...WAY TO GO GARETT!!=-)

Taylor's Insect Night Open House....

Here is Taylor proudly displaying her Insect Book...look at that smile again! I love it!!!=-)Taylor w/her wonderful 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hand....Taylor just loved having her...she put learning into everything they did, even when lining up to go that!!!=-)

Can you see Taylor, she is holding the Tuesday sign...she is one of the tallest in her class...she will be taller than me soon...I'm sure!!=-)

Kate Goes to the ZOO!!!

Kate is ready to go to the ZOO as one of her last Field Trips of the year (April still). She is stylin!!=-)Kate posing w/ a few of her Preschool Friends!!!=-)
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