Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alex WALKS at 14 MONTHS(MAY)!!!

Here is our cute little guy walking...he may have been slow to start, but now he is running and so...cute at it!!!Our 2 younger kids have been late walkers, I think it is because we weren't in any hurry for them to walk and their siblings always pick them up...oh well...we like to stay little just a little longer...I don't want them to grow them so...little!!!=-)
Our CUTE ALEX BOY walking w/his pacifier in his mouth! LOVE HIM!!=-)


  1. You know I love you and your cute family. I love the curlers. You need to teach me. My girls hair never looks that good. Glad you finally updated. You inspired me to do the same.

  2. Your kids are getting so big! Too cute! I love the pacifier in his mouth, I could never get my kids to take one of those things, ughh, sleepless nights with lots of screamming, too fun!! Cute family Tiff!

  3. wow! lots of updating...way to go tiff. I just printed a years worth of my blogging through a company that made it into a book, the pics are the best, but I like having it for the journal part of it. Cute pics, cute kids...even cuter mom!